Reincarnated like a Sword: A Fluffy Participant Joins Fran’s Party

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To save Fran from certain peril, Teacher uses certainly one of his recent dungeon pickups in Reincarnated like a Sword. Now, there is a participant.

The next contains spoilers for Reincarnated like a Sword Episode 11, “The Wolf Called Hither”, now streaming on HIDIVE.

Reincarnated like a Sword‘s primary party is growing. They have began their adventure with simply two people, Fran and Teacher, but interesting new figures continue signing up for group. While Fran’s adorableness has attracted many interesting figures, the very first person that may be considered their 3rd party member is Amanda. The half-elf has been doing her better to earn Fran’s trust, though that mostly means stalking and doting on her behalf. Nevertheless, she’s finally been successful after sparring using the cat-girl. And today, another character joins their ragtag group.

After defeating a larger Demon and obtaining its Skill Taker ability, Fran was given the job of another mission. Amanda, however, did not permit the youthful lass to manage such dangers. She was adamant on coming along. While her intention was pure, it made things hard for Fran. Another adventurers associated them believed that Fran only achieved her status by licking other’s boots, though they eventually learn their lesson. The audience then entered the dungeon. And they thought they were given it in check, Fran got caught inside a trap and transported to some hidden location.

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An Upswing Of Urushi

Amanda and Urushi in Reincarnated as a Sword

Since Fran was separated from her reliable weapon, she also lost every skill Teacher was discussing together with her. She was stripped on most of her power and it was made to fight the dungeon’s boss. However, Fran wasn’t the only person getting difficulty. Both Amanda and Teacher were worried sick concerning the girl’s predicament. Teacher used every ability in the repertoire, yet not one of them could locate the youthful girl. Teacher then began to comb through a list of skills. However, there is one problem — Teacher’s secret could be uncovered.

Teacher needed to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of his new plan. Consider their beloved subordinate was when confronted with danger, Teacher made the decision to proceed. In the end, Teacher also considered Amanda to become reliable enough to have their secret. So without further ado, Teacher consulted the machine regarding which familiar would serve their intention well. The machine suggested the Onyx Wolf, because it could supposedly identify existence energy.

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There’s Only One Problem

Berserk Urushi in Reincarnated as a Sword

Using their beloved student in danger, Teacher did their finest to hasten looking process. They used an enormous quantity of mana to summon their new familiar — the Onyx Wolf. However, this caused the wolf to visit berserk and are afflicted by a lot of discomfort simultaneously. The wolf blamed Teacher because of its suffering, and began attacking the sword. Teacher was forced around the defensive, however the exchange did not last lengthy. Amanda appreciated how taming adventurers accustomed to tame their new familiars, also it was surprisingly simple. Teacher simply needed to name the Onyx Wolf to calm it. Teacher adopted Amanda’s suggestion and named the wolf Urushi. Urushi also become a Darkness Wolf after getting a name. Urushi ultimately done affordably work from the search facet of their search and save operation.

Fran’s new party member is undeniably cute and fluffy, however that is not all. Because the Darkness Wolf is Teacher’s familiar, enthusiastic viewers from the series will likely see more Urushi later on instances of Reincarnated like a Sword. Urushi has additionally somewhat end up being the first trial, and the initial berserk condition is evidence of it. Consider Teacher now understands how to control familiars, then much more of them might be entering the series.

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