One-Punch Man: Saitama Finds a handy Excuse to help keep Pochi

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Saitama lately adopted some peculiar pets, and that he might just have discovered a method to have them in Chapter 174 of 1-Punch Man.

The next contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 174, “Epicenter”, by One, Yusuke Murata, John Werry and James Gaubatz, obtainable in British through Viz Media.

One-Punch Man‘s primary character is infamous for choosing up strange buddies, though he does not always walk out his way to consider them. Since Saitama does not hold any prejudice towards others as lengthy because they don’t financially drain him or cause him harm, the bald hero frequently finds themself in undesirable situations. His latest dilemma is sneaking Pochi and Black Spermatozoon in to the Hero Association’s new headquarters, forcing him to eliminate millions price of machinery. In Chapter 174, he might have recently found a method to keep his newly found pets.

Despite being qualified to lodge within the Hero Association’s new headquarters, Saitama still frequents his old neighborhood to scavenge for his lost products. This is when he found Overgrown Rover in the reduced condition wandering around. Black Spermatozoon also pretends to become a monkey hoping of having the hero to consider it. Its tactic works. Saitama has introduced the pair of them into his home and forces his neighbors to talk about down to raising them.

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A Blessing In Disguise

Saitama falling in a crack in One-Punch Man

After Blizzard showed up and requested Saitama to accompany her, Saitama excused themself to his new neighbors. However, he did not just leave he earned certain to keep these things hold their finish from the bargain — taking proper care of Pochi and Black Spermatozoon. Then he became a member of Blizzard because the psychic visited go to a famous One-Punch Man villain — the psychic, Psychos. There, they found part of Tsukuyomi confronting the psychic. Blizzard immediately requested him to prevent, noting that her sister would soon barge in and get rid of the former person in the Monster Association. As though on cue, Terrible Tornado made an appearance.

Quickly, chaos ensued. Tornado designed a grand entrance by destroying the facility’s walls, demanding to kill Psychos, forcing both Tsukuyomi member and Blizzard to safeguard her. While Tornado and Blizzard were maintaining the trick, the Tsukuyomi member was getting none from it. He declared catching the psychic siblings alongside Psychos and began to fight them. Then they faced one another though their psychic forces, which result in a crack developing and swallowing Saitama. The following factor he understood, Saitama was encircled by Threat Level Demon monsters.

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The Monsters Are Great Blackmail Material

Saitama surrounded by monsters in One-Punch Man

Saitama’s finest dilemma at this time takes proper care of Pochi and Black Spermatozoon. Since both creatures aren’t really creatures, Metal Knight’s home security system won’ doubt recognize their true identities. However, Saitama can’t destroy them. He’s now fully conscious of just how much individuals robots cost. The very best he is able to do is sneak them within the Hero Association’s new headquarters. However, his recent discovery could be the means to fix his dilemma. He is able to make use of this new information to blackmail the Hero Association, a minimum of simply to permit him to keep Pochi and Black Spermatozoon, and when it will work, the beloved Oculette might even join him soon.

Saitama has lately selected up two peculiar pets, yet his new residence may be the finest threat for them. However, he might have discovered the reply to his problem. He joins Blizzard to confront Psychos, just for Tornado and part of Tsukuyomi to battle. He falls lower inside a crevice and finds out the monsters the Hero Association is secretly holding. Saitama could use this discovery to warrant his new role like a dog owner later on chapters of One-Punch Man.

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